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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Moving CXF SwaggerFeature into its own module
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2016 13:51:48 GMT
Hi All

as part of CXF-6760 [1] I've moved the Swagger code into its own 
cxf-rt-rs-description-swagger module.
It makes it easier for the users to choose between WADL and Swagger 
(example, right now if only WADL is preferred then no Swagger endpoint 
is there but not vice versa, having Swagger endpoint automatically adds 
a WADL filter simply because they share the same module and CXF tries to 
install WADL by default) and simplify the user dependencies (they'd only 
have to refer to this new module and not list explicitly swagger-jaxrs).

So far it is only done on master, and would like to update 3.1.7 too - a 
minor migration issue is expected but the positive effect will be 
immediate. The fact that having a WADL filter for Swagger users is 
inevitable at 3.1.x can be considered a bug too

If you have any concerns about a 3.1.x update then let me know please 

Thanks, Sergey

[1] ttps://


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