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From luca boncompagni <>
Subject ClientImpl responseContext momory consumption
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 00:40:41 GMT
Hi to all,

I'm using cxf 3.1.4 shipped by wildfly 10. I  have to call a service
with very large response (~ 10Mb). My app is a web-app and in my
wildfly has ~ 300 thread.

If I understand correctly the code, ClientImpl.responseContext is
cleaned only on destroy, so, the full response (~10Mb) is in the
responseContext for each thread that makes a call to the large
response service. So, if every thread of my application server does a
call to the service, I need 3000Mb for storing requestContext.

If I understand correctly the code, how can I free memory after
calling the service?


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