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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Errors building CXF from git repo
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2016 06:55:34 GMT

you can look at to see 
the current status of the CXF build. At the moment
there are test failures even there.

As CXF is actively developed you can not expect the build to always 
succeed. Do you need the custom build because you need to apply some 
patche of your own?
If yes then the best option is to start with a release tag of CXF and 
apply you patches to it. Beware though that even a release is not 
required to run all tests succesfully.

The most common reason for build failures on a test server (except 
actual errors in the code) is that ports are not available. So check 
which ports the test uses and check if these ports a maybe used on your 

Abot the failures you reported. Can you give the full stack trace of the 
errors. They sometimes show what is wrong.


On 12.03.2016 22:27, Dan Wlodarski wrote:
> To anyone whom may have insight:
> The relevant environment info:
> CXF version: direct from the CXF Git repository
> Platform: Ubuntu Server 14.04.04 64b guest OS running under Windows VirtualBox v5.0.16
> JDK: v1.8.0_74 (Oracle-official)
> I am looking to implement a custom build of CXF to simulate an external SOAP server.
The CXF build needs to support multiple web services and export of a standalone server for
machine-local testing. However, I can't even get the build to complete.
> A couple of minutes after calling the Maven install target, the build fails on the "Apache
CXF Runtime JMS Transport" step. The two specific tests that fail:
> *         RequestResponseTest.testRequestTopicResponseStaticQueue:90->sendAndReceiveMessages:134->AbstractJMSTester.sendMessage:129->AbstractJMSTester.sendoutMessage:152
> Runtime
> *         RequestResponseTest.testRequestTopicResponseTempQueue:83->sendAndReceiveMessages:134->AbstractJMSTester.sendMessage:129->AbstractJMSTester.sendoutMessage:152
> Runtime
> As this will be a development server to be pushed to a production tier, it is required
that it passes all unit tests.
> Thanks for any guidance,
> Dan C. Wlodarski
> The Design Knowledge Company
> 3100 Presidential Drive
> Suite 103
> Fairborn, Ohio 45324
> Phone: 937-427-4276 x175
> Fax: 937-427-1242

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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