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From vshar <>
Subject Swagger2Feature missing APIs
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2016 18:23:31 GMT

I have configured Swagger2Feature in my Restful web service. Swagger feature
was working fine earlier and was showing all the APIs but I migrated one of
the APIs to an separate JAR file after which Swagger UI only shows this
migrated API. All Other APIs are up and running. I can hit them directly but
Swagger UI shows none of them.

Service I created was "CacheInfoService". I migrated this service to a
separate JAR. This jar is used by multiple services which interface with a
distributed cache and can use this JAR to get common utilities etc. There is
an XML in this JARs META-INF which contains bean definition for this API

If I put below import in my CXF config XML then I see only API defined in
this XML on Swagger UI (Other APIs are up and running. I am able to get a
response but Swagger doesn't show them). If I comment this import then this
API is not published and I can see all other APIs in Swagger UI.
<import resource="classpath:/META-INF/common/cache-endpoints.xml" />

I am unable to guess what could be wrong here hence thought of asking you

Vinay Sharma

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