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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Validation, CXF, OSGi, TCCL, once more
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2015 20:35:49 GMT
Working with Gunnar, I've finally gotten a complete picture of the
situation, and a somewhat general question has come up.

When pax-web calls CXF which in turn calls a JAX-RS resource class,
the TCCL is the CXF http transport bundle class loader. Is there some
reason not to set it to a class loader associated with the resource

The trouble with HibernateValidation is this: way down in HV, there's
a call to ExpressionFactory.newInstance() from javax.el. That's an
old-fashioned SPI that does not have an overload that takes a
ClassLoader. So, even though HV has a class loader option in its
configuration meant to ensure the findability of resources, it does
not avail. (Unless HV set the TCCL, which its authors are not happy
about.) I'm working with them on an API that will allow the user of HV
to make their own ExpressionFactory with the TCCL set however they
like. However, it did occur to me that a different TCCL in CXF
invoking JAX-RS would have avoided all this.

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