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From "Felix.1973" <>
Subject CXF incorrect WSDL automatically generated ? Please help !
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2015 12:07:42 GMT
Hi there. I am fighting the last two days with the same problem and I don't
know how to fix this. Even not sure if it is an error or not. 

I have a CXF Web Service with something I consider very strange and I would
like to fix. This is one of the calls that the Web Service deals with:

    @WebResult (name="merchantHierarchyParentResponse")
            @WebParam(name="institutionNumber") @XmlElement(required=true)
String institutionNumber,
            @WebParam(name="clientNumber") String clientNumber,
            @WebParam(name="ourReference") String ourReference,
            @WebParam(name="accessMerch") String accessMerch,
            @WebParam(header=true, name="callerId") String callerId,
            @WebParam(header=true, name="timestamp") String timestamp,
            @WebParam(header=true, name="signature") String signature

As you can see, it receives 4 normal parameters plus 3 extra parameters in
the header (callerId, timestamp and signature).

It compiles successfully. Then I deploy it also successfully in a WebLogic

Finally, I use SoapUI to test it. I provide SoapUI with the URL that
WebLogic is providing me with the WSDL. This is, I am not doing any change
in the automatic generated WSDL. This is what I am getting for this
getParent in SoupUI:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""
*      <web:signature>?</web:signature>
/*      <web:callerId>?</web:callerId>

My question is very clear. I see the 3 parameters in the header section
(callerId, timestamp and signature) but why these 3 parameters are *AGAIN*
at the end in the body part ??? I don't want them in the body part, I want
them only in the header.

Any idea why this is happening ? Is that normal ? is it a bug ? Thank you
for your help !

Felix Mercader

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