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From David Karlsen <>
Subject cxf async over camel-transport (jms)
Date Mon, 02 Nov 2015 18:30:47 GMT

What I want to achieve:

1) Calling system uses cxf over camel transport, sends requests, does
not wait for reply, but sets a replyToHeader
2) Receiving system handles the request, and posts a response to the
3) Calling system has a listener which processes responses.

That way responses are decoupled from requests.

I should probably model the service as a truly @OneWay, e.g. with only
a request and no response - but is it possible to achieve this by just
configuring the client-side stub with some forced one-way logic? E.g.
the call in 1) would simply return null and carry on?

David J. M. Karlsen -

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