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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject Describe those bean based features in the features list document page more consistently
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2015 18:12:00 GMT
I noticed that the features described in the below features list page
are not very consistently described for those bean based features.

variant 1 (GZIPFeature, etc)
Name                 Namespace     ...
bean                   ...

variant 2 (StaxDataBindingFeature, etc)
Name                  Namespace      ...

variant 3 (StaxTransform, etc)
Name                  Namespace     ....
Stax transform    ...

I think we should make those entries look consistent.

My suggestion would be something like

Name                  Namespace
/bean/                  ...

where I /bean/ to represent "bean" written in italic and at the bottom
of the table, we can give a short description of what those entries
with /bean/ mean.

I appreciate for your suggestions. Maybe someone has a nicer idea ;-)

regards, aki

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