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From "Balana, Vishal" <>
Subject RE: Schema Validation on input doesn't work
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 19:12:19 GMT
I am giving example below about how I have added wsse header to wsdl:

<wsdl:definitions name = "ABC"
  targetNamespace= "XXX"

    <xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="" targetNamespace="XYZ">
	<xsd:import namespace=""
    			schemaLocation="/ws_security.xsd" />

<wsdl:message name="Req">
       <wsdl:part name="KeyVal" element="sec:UsernameToken" /> 
       <wsdl:part name="RequestBody" element="tns:zzz " />

<wsdl:message name="Resp">
        <wsdl:part name="ResponseBody" element="tns:yyy " />

<wsdl:portType name="RRR">
  	<wsdl:operation name="AAA">
        	<wsdl:input message="tns:zzz" />
          	<wsdl:output message=" tns:yyy " />          	

<wsdl:binding name="Binding" type=" RRR">
        <soap:binding style="document" transport=""
        <wsdl:operation name="AAA"> 
  		soapAction="" />       
                 	<soap:header use="literal" part="KeyVal"  message="tns:zzz " />  
                	<soap:body   use="literal" parts="RequestBody" />
                	<soap:body use="literal" parts="ResponseBody" />

<wsdl:service name="Service">
        <wsdl:port binding="tns: Binding" name=" RRR">
            <soap:address location="http://localhost:8080/ " />

My AppContext.xml has following:

<jaxws:endpoint id="Service"  implementor="com.service.SOAPService" address="/myService"
	       	<entry key="schema-validation-enabled" value="true"/>

And also wants to remind what I said earlier, Schema validation on input works perfectly fine
when wsse header is removed from WSDL.

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From: Mohana Rao S V [] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 2:45 PM
Subject: RE: Schema Validation on input doesn't work

Hi Vishal,

  Could you please share details how are trying to achieve the wsse header
share the configuration and wsdl.


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From: Balana, Vishal [] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 12:07 AM
Subject: Schema Validation on input doesn't work

Hi All,

Any help would do wonders!

We have CXF SOAP service using wsdl-first approach.
Schema validation works fine if do not add wsse optional explicit header.
As soon as wsse header added to our wsdl CXF stops validating input

We are using CXF 2.7.3.
Service is deployed on tomcat 7.0.55.

What needs to be done to make it working?


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