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From Mike Wilson <>
Subject avoid using contextClassLoader inside OSGi?
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2015 09:44:12 GMT
We're using CXF in a Karaf/OSGi setting and have noticed that CXF makes use
of the contextClassLoader (TCCL), which is considered bad practice in OSGi.
Some discussion has taken place on the osgi-dev mailing list, see [1], and
Christian Schneider recommended to take this question to cxf-dev.

Would it be possible to disable, or decrease the scope of, TCCL usage in CXF
when run inside OSGi? 
Looking at the source code I see CXF is already aware that it is running
inside OSGi through its Blueprint integration, so I'm thinking maybe this
would be possible to control through the extension mechanism?

Mike Wilson


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