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From Alessio Soldano <>
Subject Re: JAX-WS client performances
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2015 17:47:12 GMT
Hi Dan,
thanks for the feedback.

On 05/02/15 23:01, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> 1) Can you save/print a list of everything that is a “get” from the non-message contexts?
  I’m mostly concerned about Bus/BindingOperation/Endpoint objects.   A long long time ago
(2.0/2.1 timeframe), those objects were stored as contextual properties and the only way to
retrieve them was via the “getContextualProperty” things.   Since we use those all over
the place, I added direct accessors to the Exchange, but for compatibility still stored them
as properties.   However, I don’t remember if I went and found all the places that used
to look those up via the “get” methods and replaced them.   We probably could remove those
from being stored as contextual properties and document that. (should have been done long
ago)  Would reduce the number of properties to deal with.
I've added few simple System.out in the get method of "array" version 
and run the jbossws testsuite. No get of Bus/BindingOperation/Endpoint 
objects afaics; so I've tried grepping getContextualProperty in the 
whole cxf sources and the only thing I could find is 
getting the Bus from the context.
I'm sending you the zip with the logs.

> 2) In the “array” version, you could loop through once and just do an == compare
and then only do the .equals if that ends up null.   I’m willing to bet most of the strings
we use as keys are interned.
Tried that, but it's not improving performances. To be honest, though, 
my bench app is likely not stressing the 'get' that much, as it doesn't 
use WS-Security, etc.
Anyway, my gut feeling is that's also because the cache misses are by 
far much more then the cache hits (for instance, on client side in the 
jbossws testsuite I see ~5700 props found in the message context, ~350 
props found in non-message contexts and ~72000 props not found.


Alessio Soldano
Web Service Lead, JBoss

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