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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject Adding profile ekstazi to cxf
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2014 17:20:32 GMT
I am adding profile ekstazi to cxf build shortly and wanted to inform
you about this.

Ekstazi ( is a regresssion test tool that can
keep track of the test results and the changed code to minimize the
number of tests that need to be executed.

Maybe some of you have read this thread on dev@camel

When you want to try it out by yourself, you can run
mvn -Pekstazi test

For example, trying it out with cxf core, the normal mvn test took 35
seconds when there was a change in the code (so, the time was taken
for compiling 583 files and executing 395 tests). When there was no
code change, it took 25 seconds executing those 395 tests.

With the ekstazi profile was enabled, when there was a code change,
for example in StaxInInterceptor, it took 16 seconds compiling 583
files and executing only 6 affected tests. When there was no change,
it took only 5 seconds skipping all the tests.

Milos from the Ekstazi project has just set up their google group for
Ekstazi to discuss and collect feedback.!forum/ekstazi

They are eager to get our feedback so that they can improve their tool.

regards, aki

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