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From Andrei Shakirin <>
Subject JMS: configuration of ClientId using JMS compliant style (CXF 3.x.x); unsubscribe from durable subscriptions
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2014 14:02:39 GMT

I am analysing possible extension of ClientId JMS configuration using JMS compliant style
(through URL).

1. ClientId.
Use case: the CXF client and service communicating using JMS Topic and durable subscription.
Both client and service using ClientId and durable subscription name in order to identify
state maintained on behalf of the client by a provider.
ClientId is specified through durableSubscriptionClientId parameter in endpoint URL.
URL is resolved globally for client and service through the WSDL stored into ServiceRegistry
/ ServiceLocator. Therefore URL is shared between all client and service instances of this

Problem: as soon as some client instances are running on the same host (or client and service
are running on the same host), the JMS connection is rejected because of using the same ClientId.

Proposal: Would it makes sense to provide a way to override ClientId in the URL: for example
define ClientId as local jax-ws property on the client and on the server sides. JMS transport
will check for this property, if it isn't set - use value from URL. If it is set - use property

2. Durable subscription.
Currently CXF destination hasn't any mechanism to unsubscribe from durable Topic subscription.
Of course, we cannot simply unsubscribe by Destination deactivation, because service can expect
to receive the messages from the Topic by next start. I see two options:
 a) introduce kind of property to explicitly specify when destination should be unsubscribed
from the durable Topic subscription
 b) leave it completely out of scope of CXF and document that it is administration activity
to remove durable JMS subscriptions

Any thoughts?


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