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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Configuration and Constructor Context Injection problem when using CXF
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2014 15:55:37 GMT

Please see comments below.
On 21/08/14 13:26, jordan wrote:
> Hi Sergey,
> Great thanks for your quickly response! :)
> I see you opened two defects yesterday:
> 1. Application context injection:
> 2. Configuration injection
> Sorry, I may not see any spec says "contexts can be injected into
> Application". But I see that I can inject @Context resource into Singleton
> Constructor in this link:
> Example 3.25. Injection of proxies into singleton	
> @Path("resource")
> @Singleton
> public static class MySingletonResource {
>      @Context
>      Request request; // this is ok: the proxy of Request will be injected
> into this singleton
>      public MySingletonResource(@Context SecurityContext securityContext) {
>          // this is ok too: the proxy of SecurityContext will be injected
>      }
> If I use this Constructor for Singleton, I really don't know how to init it
> in Application getSingletons() method, and how to pass any @Context to
> getSingletons() in Application class (because any @Context injection in
> Application is null)?. :)
I pasted a fragment from a 9.2 section of the spec which says that 
"contexts are available to Application sub-classes" too, hence the 
injection directly into Application has to be supported.
In fact, CXF did support it already, but it was done too late, so your 
use case was not directly supported.

Right now, you can have either of the following done:

- Have contexts injected into Application as above but pass your custom 
Application to singleton constructors or have @Context Application 
injected into singletons and then when needed do 
myApplication.getUriInfo(), etc;
- Do not do anything in the Application at all, and have field contexts 
in singleton service classes, do not pass anything to their 
constructors, and CXF will inject the contexts

That said, I've just fixed CXF-5964, and in 3.0.2/3.1.0 your original 
code will work

> I see you opened these two defects, can I think these are two confirmed
> problems which will be fixed in future?
> And btw, if yes, do you know when these will be fixed and which version will
> include these fixes?
CXF-5964 fix will be in 3.0.2/3.1.0 snapshots shortly.

CXF-5899 fix will be there too soon enough

Thanks, Sergey
> Thanks a lot for your help & good day! :)
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