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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Ideas for standardizing CXF authentication and authorization
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2014 07:38:03 GMT
Hi Chris,

The problem with the plugable aproach is that we would have to create a 
new API that then CXF and at least the Shiro "bridge" module would 
depend on.
 From another point of view JAAS can even be seen as the basis for the 
plugable approach. The JAAS API is the common API and we can have 
different authentication modules in CXF that simply need to result in an 
established JASS context in the end. The big advantage of JAAS compared 
to another API ist that it is built into the JRE so everyone already has 
the API.
So I would prefer that we try to attach Shiro to JAAS too. This is 
indeed something we could discuss on the shiro list.

I see three general scenarios where shiro is involved:

1. Do all authentication and auhorization with shiro. (e.g. Shiro filter 
for Authentication and Shiro calls in business logic for Authorization).
Here it is all shiro. We probably need no special integration

2. Do authentication in shiro and authorization in CXF.
In this case it would be ideal if shiro could simply establish a JAAS 
context in addition to its own security context. This alone should then 
fully work for CXF as soon as we rely on JAAS in CXF. Till then
we could use a small CXF module to establish a CXF SecurityContext from 
an existing JAAS context.

3. Do authentication in CXF using JAAS and authorization in shiro.
There we would need the bridge in the other direction. Shiro would need 
a small adapter that creates a Shiro Security context from an existing 
JAAS context

Regarding OSGi I see no real problems with JAAS. I tested The 
JAASAuthenticationFeature together with my new blueprint authorization 
module and the karaf role based access system (for OSGi services) and it 
works well. Cross service calls should be no issue as they use the same 
thread in OSGi. So the JAAS context is untouched and simply works. In 
fact JAAS is the standard authentication / authorization model for OSGi. 
For example the whole OSGi security framework with things like 
BundlePermission relies on JAAS.


On 14.07.2014 03:01, Chris Geer wrote:
> Christian,
> I'm not sure I have specific advice about how to approach Shiro
> compatibility without spending some cycles on it. I think we could engage
> Les and Shiro community to help though. One possible approach might just be
> to have CXF use a pluggable approach so that it calls out to an API when it
> checks if a user is authentication/authorized. That way a JAAS
> implementation could be put in place but a Shiro or Spring Security
> implementation could also be put in place. This would have to be made OSGI
> friendly, but I bet it could be done.
> I guess I just wanted to toss that out there so that any decisions that
> were made wouldn't preclude using frameworks other than JAAS. In my
> experience, using JAAS in an OSGI environments, with cross-service calls,
> is very problematic so I'd just hate to see CXF require usage of JAAS. One
> could argue that CXF didn't need to provide A&A at all in the core and
> external libraries can be used through filters/interceptors as the
> standard.
> I'll give it some more thought as this conversation continues.
> Chris

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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