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From Alessio Soldano <>
Subject Re: git commit: [CXF-5866] Adding XMLStreamReaderWrapper to WSDLManagerImpl and providing a XMLStreamReader wrapper that resolves system properties
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2014 17:29:15 GMT
On 10/07/14 14:29, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> Alessio,
> Two thoughts:
> 1) There is a class available from StAX apis,
is there really a need for another delegate in CXF?
didn't notice that, thanks

> 2) Would it make sense to change the SysPropExpandingStreamReader to a more generic “PropertiesExpandingStreamReader”
that takes a Properties object as a constructor param (or better yet, a Map<String, Object>
or similar).  That way someone could possibly configure it with some properties object specified
in spring or similar.
sure, sounds reasonable. The sys prop is simply my specific scenario, 
but we can make this more generic.

I'll work on this tomorrow morning.


P.S. will also re-check the pmd errors, I must have forgotten a 
'nochecks' when building for testing...

Alessio Soldano
Web Service Lead, JBoss

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