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From Jim Ma <>
Subject Re: Copy all these properties to RMClient's message ?
Date Wed, 07 May 2014 15:17:00 GMT
Hi Dennis,

> I'm looking into some of the property handling now, though mostly around
> addressing settings and how those are handled by the RM code. But there
> have been a lot of changes in the 3.0 RM implementation, so it would be
> great if you could test against trunk and verify that the problem is still
> there.

 I tried with latest CXF 3.0 RM implementation and this issue is still

> That said, you or Aki would probably know more about how this should be
> handled than I do. How would you expect the properties from
> bindingProvider::getRequestContext() would be accessed from the RM code?
> I'd thought these properties would be copied into the Message when it's
> being initialized. If the RM code needs to access them indirectly I can add
> that in.

Yes. I would expect the properties setting in
bindingProvider::getRequestContext() can be accessed in RM Proxy, then ws
security and policy can be automatically enabled in RM implementation
without spring configuration, and WSRM message can be accepted in server
side when it is configured with ws security and policy.

I tried the attached patch to copy RequestContext's properties to RMClient,
the previous failure is gone but the policy attached in wsdl file still can
not be handled correctly by RM implementation. I am looking at this now.


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