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From Andriy Redko <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Java 8 and JAXB and 3.0.1
Date Fri, 30 May 2014 00:52:27 GMT
+1 to move on with JAXB 2.2.10 in 3.0.1, to be one step closer to Java 8 support as soon as

DK> There is a new version of JAXB available in central (2.2.10-b140310.1920) that allows
it to work better with Java
DK> 8.   All the CXF tooling tests now pass.  There is a new single failure in the jaxws
systests and of course all the
DK> OSGi and JIBX related things still fail.   Thus, it’s a step in the right direction.

DK> HOWEVER, there is a minor incompatibility with it and JAXB 2.2.7 that we’ve been
using so I want to bring this up
DK> for discussion before updating master to use this for 3.0.1.   With 2.2.7, we had just
two jaxb related jars: 
DK> jaxb-impl and jaxb-xjc.   With 2.2.10, it adds a third:  jaxb-core.   For the most
part, people that get JAXB
DK> transitively from CXF won’t have any issue as I can update our poms to bring that
in as well.   However, anyone that
DK> excludes JAXB when grabbing CXF would have to update their poms to also exclude that

DK> So, the question is: is that kind of thing OK for 3.0.1 or would it need to wait for
3.1?   Personally, I’d like to
DK> get it in for 3.0.1 as it brings us closer to having support for Java8.  In particular,
the command line tools in bin (wsdl2java, etc….) would work.

DK> Another note:  the jaxb stuff in “com.sun.xml.bind” in maven central are now shaded
versions of stuff  in
DK> org.glassfish.jaxb.  Thus, longer term, we likely should flip to the org.glassfish
versions.  That’s an even bigger change and not something I’d like to do for 3.0.1 though.

DK> Thoughts?

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