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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject Re: SOAP over WebSocket
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2014 17:01:50 GMT
Hi Przemyslaw,
I am not sure if your multiplex case needs websockets or the normal
asynchronous soap invocation over http is suitable.

Regarding the current websocket support in cxf, it is supported out of
the box in the current 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT for some scenarios and this part
is documented in the wiki page you found.  There are still many things
to do, so some behavior may change incompatibly in the future.

Our focus was so far on the server side, in particular for jaxrs
scenarios, to push data continuously to the client over the socket.
That means, the service can push data asynchronously to the client
after the initial call is made and the socket is opened .

We don't have a similar capability in the other direction as there is
no output stream of some sort that allows the client to keep writing
to the socket directly..

You can find some samples in the systests/jasrs as the unit test cases
and also a browser based demo in the sample collection. (the projects
paths are mentioned in the wiki page).

The current implementation only supports one particular biding (i.e.,
the way in which the cxf message is bound to the websocke's wire), we
are making this part customizable and provide some other bindings
(e.g., microsoft soap over websocket).

Any feedback and possible contribution is welcome.

regards, aki

2014-04-08 9:47 GMT+02:00 Przemyslaw Bielicki <>:
> Hi,
> does CXF support WebSockets as a transport? I need to support multiplexed
> SOAP and WebSocket protocol looks perfect as a starting point. It is
> bidirectional and full duplex.
> By multiplexing I mean that the client can send messages without waiting
> for the response, and the responses may be sent back in the different order
> that they were sent (I will use message / conversation ID, to identify the
> request and response)
> I looked for the information in the mailing list history, but it's still
> not clear for me if you support WebSocket out-of-the box[1] or I need to
> implement my own transport[2] (that could be a nice contribution to CXF?
> Many thanks,
> Przemyslaw
> [1]
> [2]

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