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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject CXF javadoc questions for 3.0
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2014 18:38:56 GMT

For 2.x, we basically generated 2 different sets of Javadoc for 2 different purposes:

1) We generated the javadoc ONLY for the cxf-api.  This is the javadoc that we stuck in the
“docs” dir of the distribution.

2) As part of the big cxf-bundle build, we generated javadocs for everything that went in
the bundle.  This is what we deployed to the website.

There are some problems with both….   cxf-api misses a ton of stuff that we expect users
to use.   Things like the HttpConduits for configuring http settings, lots of JAX-RS things,
the JAX-WS factories, etc….   The second one includes a lot more stuff, but still misses
anything in the services (sts, ws-discovery, etc…).  Plus, those are just available on-line.
 Not sure if that’s an issue.

For 3.0, we want to get rid of the big bundle. Thus, generating 2 needed a re-think.   I just
pushed some changes to create a distribution/javadoc module to handle that.   It now includes
EVERYTHING other than the wars and tests.  Thus, it really is a complete javadoc of everything
in CXF. 

Now, the question comes: what do we want to include and where?  The full javadoc is 168MB.
  Do we want to include that in the distribution?  (although it compresses very very well
so doesn’t balloon the tar.gz/zip up by much).  Or do we want to include only some subset
for the distribution?  Just “cxf-core” to match what we included for 2.x?   More?    Alternatively,
in the docs dir, just put a simple read me that points to for the main
docs and the appropriate javadoc dir for javadoc?   That may be the most appropriate since
we don’t include any “real” docs in the distribution anyway, just the javadocs.


Daniel Kulp -
Talend Community Coder -

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