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From Andrew Janke <>
Subject CXF doc pages style
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2014 05:15:38 GMT
Hi, CXF developers,

Some of the URLs for links in the Interceptors page (at use link 
shortener URLs instead of the final target URL. Is this intentional? 
Seems odd for a project doco page.

Does the CXF project have a Style Guide for documentation to address 
issues like this, similar to the Coding Guidelines for source code? Also 
things like Oxford commas, "email" vs "e-mail", and so on.

Also, the navigation breadcrumbs at the top of the page (below the big 
"Apache CXF" and above the left-hand list of links) start off with 
"Index > " for both the main site ( and the 
User's Guide (, even though the 
User's Guide seems to be a different section than the main page – it has 
a different list of pages in its left-hand navigation bar. The 
"Architecture Guide" linked from the main page is also under, so if I click the Index breadcrumb there, it takes 
me back to the User's Guide instead of the main site index that I 
arrived at it from. Would it make more sense to call the first 
breadcrumb "User's Guide" or "Documentation" instead of "Index" for the 
User's Guide? ("Documentation" is the text of the link from the 
upper-right hand corner of all the CXF pages to


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