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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject [jms] transport: old style config removed
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2014 14:30:10 GMT
Hi all,

like announced I now removed the old style config from the jms transport.

So now the two remaining config styles are:
1. set JMSConfiguration using JMSConfigFeature
2. Use SOAP/JMS style and set configs using the soap:address and 
SOAP/JMS WSDL extensors

As most of the system tests relied on the old style config I had to 
change most of the WSDLs and tests. So I hope I did not change their 
meaning. Anyone with knowledge of the JMS transport and tests please 
review my changes and let me know if functionality is missing.

So what is still remaining to do until 3.0:
- Allow better configurability of MessagelistenerContainer: As we wanted 
to be independent of spring I had to write a new 
MessageListenerContainer impl. It is by far not as configurable as the 
spring one. So please let me know what config options are needed
- Transaction support. To be independent of spring I had to remove the 
spring transaction support. I also did not yet restore the JTA 
Transaction support
- Update documentation and examples to reflect the changes

As the new configuration is quite different from the old style I will 
shortly write a blog entry to show how configuration is done now.

I also wonder if I should also remove the JMSConfiguration. JMSEndpoint 
now has all elements of JMSConfiguration so we could use this instead. 
What do you think?


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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