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From cxfbeginner <>
Subject Re: How to get jaxws:endpoint object at the server during initialization (code first approach)
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2013 22:04:35 GMT
Hi Daniel,

Thank you for super fast response. I totally appreciate it since I am at the
end of delivery.

I notice the publish flag is never set when stop is called.
However, I looked into source code and try to implement the same way on my
server. However, I run to another issue where
this.endpoint.getWsdlLocation() is NULL. The wsdl is generated using code
first approach.

I also can't find any definition created inside of BUS. 
this.endpoint.getBus().getExtension(WSDLManager.class).getDefinitions() ==

EndpointInfo endpointInfo =
		 Definition def =
		 if (def == null) {
			 try {
				 def =
			 } catch (WSDLException e) {

new WSDLGetUtils().updateWSDLPublishedEndpointAddress(def, endpointInfo);

Is there alternative to modify and update the wsdl?
Thank you.

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