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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject Re: Changing WS-RM default to terminate on shutdown
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2013 07:57:28 GMT
Hi Dennis,
You mean you want to terminate the active sequence when the endpoint
is shutdown? Maybe I am getting what you meant. A sequence should
survive a crash or a normal endpoint shutdown because the persisted
messages for that ws-rm endpoint must survive. So I don't think we
should change the default setting.

We can already try to avoid having non-terminated sequences by setting
the sequence length or validity and let the ws-rm runtime terminate
the sequences periodically.

regards, aki

2013/9/1 Dennis Sosnoski <>:
> Right now WS-RM handling allows the user to configure sequence termination
> on shutdown, but defaults to no termination of sequences. This looks like an
> incorrect default, since WS-RM relies on having a TerminateSequence message
> in order to free up resources at the destination. I'd like to change this in
> trunk to default to sending the termination, while allowing the user to
> override with an explicit setting.
> The cost of this is an added message exchange (or potentially two, if the
> server also terminates a reverse sequence) as part of the client shutdown
> process.
> Anyone object?
>   - Dennis
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