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From "A. Rothman" <>
Subject DOSGI util module?
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2013 10:11:56 GMT

Hi all,

Currently each module in DOSGi has its own utility methods and classes, 
and I recently did some refactoring to extract a few more of them out of 
the business logic. However, there is some duplication between them 
which is bad for structure an maintenance (e.g. 5 different versions of 
getting a String+ service property). There is also currently a runtime 
dependency of the discovery-distributed bundle on the discovery-local 
bundle due to import of its utils. As I see it, there are 3 main options:

1. Keep the bundles independent with duplicate code (and decide whether 
to leave the existing discovery modules' dependency or remove that one 
too via duplication).

2. Create a separate util module but without a runtime dependency 
between bundles, by adding the util package to the Private-Package 
bundle configuration of the other bundles (which causes the classes from 
that package to be copied into the other generated bundle jars).

3. Create a separate util module with its own bundle that the other 
bundles depend on at runtime.

I'm undecided between #2 and #3, but prefer to move away from the 
current situation (#1).

I figured I'd open it up for discussion here - what do you all think? 
Any other ideas?


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