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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Some minor (ok, not so minor) thoughts for CXF 3.0
Date Tue, 07 May 2013 18:31:28 GMT

I'd like to do a couple refactoring things for 3.0 to simplify the class structure a little

1) Bus -> CXFBusImpl -> ExtensionManagerBus -> Spring/BlueprintBus
We originally had Spring and Blueprint subclass CXFBusImpl.  However, with the refactorings
in the 2.4 timeframe, we made everything extend the ExtensionMangerBus.  Thus, CXFBusImpl
is pretty much not needed.   I'd like to push whatever is left there into ExtensionMangerBus
and remove a level of the hierarchy. (alternatively, push the stuff in ExtensionMangerBus
down into CXFBusImpl).   Thoughts?   

2) Interceptor ->  PhaseInterceptor and InterceptorChain -> PhaseInterceptorChain
We originally (in 2005) thought about having the interceptor be more independent of the phases.
 However, that never really worked and pretty much all interceptors used in CXF have to be
of the PhaseInterceptor variety.   Additionally, the only "chain" we've had is the PhaseInterceptorChain.
  Almost all the interfaces use "Interceptor<…>" or "InterceptorChain".   Thus, I'd
like to just push everything down into Interceptor/InterceptorChain and get rid of the others
to remove that level and reduce  confusion so people know there needs to be a phase there.

3) QueryHandlers -> these were originally used for the ?wsdl processing (and is still used
for ?js).  However, that stuff is better done directly on the interceptor chains as interceptors
to allow user supplied interceptors to also handle them.   I'd like to just remove these.
 (obviously update the ?js stuff)   Would simplify the CXFServlet a bit.

4) Merge "PropertiesAwareDatabinding"  into DataBinding.   The "properties aware" version
was introduced just to be able to add a method without breaking binary compatibility.  Might
as well push it in now.

5) BaseDataReader/DataReader and the same for the writer.   Not really sure why they are separated
but EVERYTHING uses just "DataReader".     Get rid of BaseData*.

6) Remove all the "WSDL" based things from cxf-api and cxf-rt-core.   I need to play with
this more.  Likely rename cxf-rt-frontend-simple to cxf-rt-frontend-wsdl (or similar) and
move all of it there as that would be the base for everything that is WSDL related.   That
would leave api/core free of WSDL stuff to make the JAX-RS stuff lighter.   Either that or
create a new bundle that would live between rt-core and rt-frontent-simple and the wsdl based
bindings/technologies.   Likewise, find a way for transports (like http) to not need any WSDL
things.    This will likely also require some of the interceptors in org.apache.cxf.interceptor
to move a bit, but that's probably a good thing as there is too much stuff in there that should
be in more specific sub packages or something.

Obviously a lot of that has some compatibility impact, user impact, etc..., but that's why
I think doing it for 3.0 is the best option.   I'd love peoples thoughts on any of it.   
 Mostly just trying to simplify a few things, clarify things, remove/move some deps around.

Daniel Kulp -
Talend Community Coder -

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