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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Another 3.0 thought….
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 17:51:22 GMT

This is something I'm still noodling on, but thought I'd start a discussion about it.

Currently, wsdl2java will generate 100% JAX-WS compatible code.  No cxf isms in the code at
all.  Default is JAXWS 2.2, but there is a jaxws21 flag for the older version.   That's all
fine.  However, that does make using the code with CXF a little harder and more "magic" has
to happen under the covers.   This is also why we get stack traces that point into the JAX-WS
impl in the JDK, etc…

I'd like to change the generated "*Service" class to do a few things:

1) Instead of extending, have it extend a class in CXF (that may then
extend Service) that would directly instantiate the CXF related classes to avoid the SPI discovery

2) Add constructors/setters for things like Bus, CXF Features, etc…

The generated interfaces could be exactly the same.  It would pretty much be a drop in replacement
as code like:

FooService service = new FooService();
FooPort port = service.getFooPort();

would work exactly the same.   It would just allow us to have a way to set/configure things
easier than through magic "default bus" and thread locals and casting and such.  Thus, you
could do things like:

FooService service = new FooService(bus);
FooPort port = service.getFooPort(new LoggingFeature(), new GZipFeature());

We would still have the -jaxws and -jaxws21 flags on wsdl2java which would keep things exactly
as they are now.   We'd just add a new "frontend" to the code generator for this.

Actually, that brings up another idea:
Features in CXF were originally only subclasses of "AbstractFeature" as we didn't want to
tie things to jaxws API since that was not built into the JDK.  Now that JAXWS api is built
into all the versions of the JDK we support, we could make AbstractFeature extend WebServiceFeature
and update the code that deals with WebServiceFeature to do "instanceof" on them and handle
them appropriately.


Daniel Kulp -
Talend Community Coder -

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