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From "Bickerton, Alec" <>
Subject RE: Build 2.7.5 tomorrow...
Date Thu, 02 May 2013 14:04:11 GMT

Sounds like a good idea. 

We're looking for a release that contains a the -Xbgi plugin from
We're using the 2.6.x tree though so it'd be good to finally drop my own patch. :-)

We're an ANT based shop so 2.6.x is what we need to use. 


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From: Daniel Kulp [] 
Sent: Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013 15:49
Subject: Build 2.7.5 tomorrow...

It looks like we have the WS-Discovery stuff nailed down (and I'd like to blog about it a
bit but would like a release first) and we've also fixed a few bugs related to OSGi/Camel
that I'd like to get out to resolve some Camel issues.    We also "properly" fixed the Woodstox
dependency problem introduceI0d in 2.7.4.   Thus, I'm thinking about doing a 2.7.5 build tomorrow.
  I'm kind of undecided about 2.5.11/2.6.8 as the above issues (other than the woodstox one)
are 2.7.x specific.  Thus, I'll likely just do 2.7.5 this time.   That might help drive users
to 2.7.x as well.   :-)

Thoughts?   Issues?

Daniel Kulp - Talend Community Coder -

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