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From Jason Pell <>
Subject Re: CXF-4893 Downgrade the log level for buildServiceFromWSDL and buildServiceFromClass in the o.a.cxf.service.factory.ReflectionServiceFactoryBean
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 11:30:57 GMT
For what it's worth I agree completely with Freeman.  You can always
shut down just these specific INFO logs in your
anyway, set it to WARN level instead so you don't get that stuff.

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 9:02 PM, Freeman Fang <> wrote:
> my comment inline
> On 2013-3-18, at 下午5:03, Ivan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Firstly, I agree that, outputing which WSDL file is used is important for
>> the end users, so I would suggest to do that in the ServiceImpl, think we
>> should already have the WSDL info there.
> It's not only print out which WSDL file is used.
> What's really important is let user know building service model from WSDL or from Class,
both for server and client side.
>> For the end users, getPort is really a common used method for web services
>> client programming, we could not always talk to them, you should share one
>> instance, no need to create one for each invocation. Especially, if they
>> knew that, there is possible thread-safe issue here, I did not think each
>> developer would like to dig into that, and check whether his scenario is
>> included in those exception list.
> Well, if customer wanna use some framework, IMO they do need use the framework with proper
> Even customer was using some similar framework before,  they should realize that CXF
is different software and really shouldn't expect everything is exactly same as before, just
my PERSONAL opinion here.
>> Also from Java EE side, it is allowed to inject/lookup the Service and sub
>> service class in the managed classes, which means we will have users to
>> program their applications with this style.
>> And yes, the perforamce may not a big issue here, and the key thing is
>> that, lots of messages are there in the log files. We could also talk to
>> the users to change the logging level, while just thinking that, whether we
>> could do that prior to uses ask that.
> We have lots of logs with different Level, specify a log with reasonable level is the
way how log works, customer will see log anyway. For this specific case, it has been INFO
level from very beginning and I do think it's reasonable as I already mentioned. I can't really
understand why do you think this specific INFO log will cause customer concern but not other
INFO logs.
>> Thanks.
>> 2013/3/18 Freeman Fang <>
>>> As my comment in CXF-4893, I'm -1 for this change.
>>> Moreover, that INFO is very important in several cases. For example, some
>>> metadata is only carried by the WSDL, like ws-policy or schema validation
>>> info, you can easily run into weird  problem that why some feature doesn't
>>> work, check that INFO log to know whether the service model build from WSDL
>>> or Class is the first place to check.
>>> Given the importance of that INFO, I really don't think downgrade the log
>>> level for it is a good idea, and performance impact to print this INFO is
>>> acceptable IMO.  In CXF, the client proxy is thread safe in most cases, so
>>> it's rare that you need create a client pool, so generally for both client
>>> and server, you only see it once.
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>>> Freeman(Yue) Fang
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>>> On 2013-3-18, at 下午3:33, Ivan wrote:
>>>> Hi, devs,
>>>> I hope that we could re-consider the logging level issue for CXF-4893
>>> about
>>>> changing the log level for buildServiceFromWSDL and buildServiceFromClass
>>>> in the ReflectionServiceBeanFactory class.
>>>> The logging will be output while constructing the endpoint proxy,
>>>> typically, this will occurs while users invoke getPort or related methods
>>>> in the generated client stub classes.
>>>> Yes, we should always reuse the client proxy, while considering that, the
>>>> generated proxy is not thread-safe in some scenarios (as mentioned in
>>> link
>>>> [1]), for the users, they may still like to create the port for each
>>>> invocation, so it will finally have lots of messages, which will mess the
>>>> log files and may also possible have side effection to the perf.
>>>> If we would like to point out which wsdl file was used, think that
>>>> ServiceImpl class is a better location, as only one ServiceImpl should be
>>>> created in the common client codes writing practice.
>>>> Thoughts ?
>>>> [1]
>>>> --
>>>> Ivan
>> --
>> Ivan

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