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From "A. Rothman" <>
Subject Re: Fwd: DOSGi - service not exported consistently
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 11:39:50 GMT

>> 1. Is DOSGi being updated to work with OSGi 4.3.0/Felix 4.x/Karaf 
>> 2.3.x etc.? It seems to be slightly outdated. At a glance, it looks 
>> like making it compile against OSGi 4.3.0 requires just a few 
>> backward-compatible syntax changes, and hopefully the semantics have 
>> not changed too much.
> DOSGi should work with all newer versions of Felix and Karaf. The OSGI 
> 4.3.0 spec should be compatible to 4.2.0. So this should also work.
I'll open a separate JIRA issue for fixing the compilation errors with 
>> 2. The website says on the Karaf feature page: "CXF DOSGi does not 
>> work with Karaf 2.3.0", however it does not mention whether this 
>> applies to 2.3.1 as well (is it a DOSGi issue or Karaf issue that 
>> prevents it from working?), nor does it say anything about what the 
>> problem is, where it might be relevant, or link to any issue in JIRA 
>> - could someone in the know please update the text to be a bit more 
>> informative? Also, is this indeed just an issue with installation via 
>> the feature, or with compatibility between the projects/versions in 
>> general regardless of installation method?
> The website says "The default aegis data format will not work with 
> Apache Karaf 2.3.0. (See DOSGI-153 
> <>). Please upgrade to 
> Apache Karaf 2.3.1".
True, but I was referring to the "CXF DOSGi in Apache Karaf" feature 
page which says "CXF DOSGi does not work with Karaf 2.3.0. Please use 
the latest 2.2.x version for now." So it's even more confusing now - 
does one need to downgrade to 2.2.x or upgrade to 2.3.1? Is there a 
separate problem with the feature installation, or is it the same 
problem referred to on both pages? I think it's safer to leave a notice 
on both pages (you never know how people reach the links), but they 
should be clarified and/or updated with the latest issue links and 
>> 3. After all the fixes above, the export success rate is definitely 
>> better than 50%, but still isn't 100% - every once in a while the 
>> export still fails. Looking through the logs, I found the message 
>> "RemoteServiceAdmin Implementation is shutting down now" - during 
>> Karaf startup! I'm still not sure what exactly is going on, but it 
>> appears that the RSA is started, services exported properly etc., but 
>> then it suddenly commits suicide a few moments later with no other 
>> error or indication of who/what initiated the shutdown or why. The 
>> initial theory is that the dsw Activator might be getting a 
>> ConfigurationAdmin updated event with null configuration, which would 
>> trigger a shutdown - but I haven't yet confirmed that this is the 
>> case, nor why it would happen or what the proper behavior in such a 
>> case should be.
> I have not yet seen this problem. If you can find a way to reproduce 
> it I would be very interested in your findings.
I'm not sure how to reproduce it in a test case, though it happens quite 
often in my project (Karaf 2.3.1 with activemq 5.8.0 and DOSGi 1.4.0 
installed from their respective features), with a handful of custom 
bundles which use a trivial/default DOSGi configuration. The only 
interesting thing I can think of about them is that some of them 
register their exported services asynchronously when their dependent 
services and internal state are all up and running, as opposed to 
registering in the bundle start method like some simple bundle examples 
do - but I really don't know if this is related. In any case I'll open a 
separate JIRA issue for this with the findings and patch from my 
previous post.

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