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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: filtering of features at automatic features loading over osgi service
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2013 22:56:57 GMT
Hi Aki,

I also experimented with something similar some time ago.
The idea was like in your case to have some control over which features 
are activated. I called the project policy manager.

I extracted some meta data about each endpoint or client into a simple 
data structure. Then I used jxpath to allow users to create filters 
based on the extracted
data. So a rule consisted of a jxpath expression and one or more feature 
names to enable.

One thing that is very interesting to pursue is to also use 
jaxws:properties for the filtering. This allows the user to define 
custom meta data in an endpoint definition that you can then
use in the rules.


Am 15.03.2013 00:32, schrieb Aki Yoshida:
> Hi,
> Currently, I think there is no filtering option in automatic feature
> loading over osgi services.
> I think it's nicer and safer to have some kind of filtering mechanism.
> I am thinking of not just the enable/disable boolean flag, but a regex
> filter to match against the service-publishing bundle's symbolic names
> and feature names.
> Cocretely, we define bus properties that look something like,
> bus.feature.osgi.load.allowFeatures
> bus.feature.osgi.load.denyFeatures
> bus.feature.osgi.load.allowBundles
> bus.feature.osgi.load.denyBundles
> each taking a regex string.
> and writing in a pseudo-code,
> given
> f = feature
> bsn = bundleSymbolicName
> fn = featureName
> we use the condition
> if (match(allowBundles, bn) && !match(allowBundles, bn)
>     && match(allowFeatures, fn) && !match(denyFeatures, fn)) {
>    add(f)
> }
> or use a simpler rule with only the bundle name check part.
> Do you have comments or preferences?
> Thanks.
> regards, aki

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect
Talend Application Integration Division

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