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From Roger <>
Subject OSGI service dynamic discovery using zookeeper
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2012 03:09:12 GMT
Hi everyone,

   Recently, I have just started exploring on the OSGI service dynamic
discovery using the zookeeper.
   Background info
   I am using the eclipse osgi jars to start the bundles.
   I followed the instruction from the apache website to configure the
   Currently, I am able to publish my OSGI services to the zookeeper/osgi
folder & also able to connect to the zookeeper using the client & retrieve
the published service information. When I published a new service, the
service will be reflected in the zookeeper.
   Testing environment
    I have two machines.
    I am running the same greeter service in two separate machines
(connected in the same network).
    At the same time, I am running the greeter client program in one of the
    I have also published both the services in the zookeeper (after placing
the zookeeper.cfg in the load folder).
    Verify my concept
    I am thinking if I stop the service which runs in the same machine as
the greeter client program, the greeter client should be able to track the
other remote service running in the other machine (Is my concept right?). 
However, when I stop the service (which runs in the same machine as the
greeter client program),  the servicetracker is not able to track the remote
service. The number of tracked services is 0. 

    My questions are:

    1) Are there any other settings which needs to be done for the client to
discover the published services in the zookeeper? Must I tell the client
where is the zookeeper or this is done by the single-bundle?
    2) It seems like the client is not interacting with the zookeeper to get
the published services information. Must I do anything to the client to
retrieve the info?
    3) Why cant the client switch to the remote service automatically?

   Thanks a lot in advance.


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