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From Freeman Fang <>
Subject Re: Why is RI JAXB context is required in JAXBDataBinding class ?
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2012 02:43:08 GMT

For the CCE in JAXBDataBinding, I think it's from two javax.xml.bind.JAXBContext object somehow
loaded by different classloaders.  Most likely one is from the jaxb api bundle you  installed,
one from the system bundle 0, so you can comment out  javax.xml.bind* package from system
bundle 0 to see if it helps.

And JAXBDataBinding actually can generate RIContext from other jaxb implementations, not always
load the RI context directly, but yeah,you do need jaxb RI in your container. This code piece
show it
           JAXBContext riContext;
            if (context.getClass().getName().contains("com.sun.xml.")) {
                riContext = context;
            } else {
                // fall back if we're using another jaxb implementation
                try {
                    riContext = JAXBUtils.createRIContext(contextClasses
                        .toArray(new Class[contextClasses.size()]), tns);
                } catch (JAXBException e) {
                    throw new ServiceConstructionException(e);


Freeman Fang

Twitter: freemanfang

On 2012-8-16, at 上午9:51, Ivan wrote:

> Thanks for the info, I have used some hook methods to make the API work,
> for the packages exported by the system packages, according to the wiring
> rule in OSGi spec, CXF bundles will automatically wire to the latest
> jaxws2.2 and jaxb 2.2 bundle.
> The issue blocked me is that the JAXBDataBinding class, it always requires
> to load the RI context, do you have any comment for this ?
> 2012/8/16 Freeman Fang <>
>> Hi,
>> As I mentioned, you can't simply wrap spec jar like jaxb-api, as SPI
>> mechanism doesn't work in OSGi container. So the spec jar need have
>> OSGiLocator stuff, so that it can load jaxb-impl bundles from OSGi
>> container, servicemix already provide such spec jars with OSGiLocator, so
>> you better use spec jar from servicemix.
>> Moreover, you also need fine-tune the system bundle export package, some
>> package like javax.xml.bind*, javax.xml.soap,* shouldn't
>> exported by system bundle.
>> I'd say adjust a plain OSGi container to support CXF need more effort,
>> but Servicemix/CXF already do it for you. Please try with Servicemix/CXF
>> if you can, then you will find it's very easy to support CXF.
>> Freeman
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>> Freeman Fang
>> FuseSource
>> Web:
>> Twitter: freemanfang
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>> On 2012-8-15, at 下午9:25, Ivan wrote:
>>> I use Equonix as the OSGi container, and now I have installed all the
>>> required bundles, and all of them are resovled and started correctly.
>> Guess
>>> that this issue is not related to the actual container is used. even turn
>>> to Karaf (a high level infrasture on the native OSGi runtime), the issue
>>> may still occur, as CXF jaxb databinding bundle will be wired to 2.2 JAXB
>>> API bundle.
>>> Could you show me some light for the CCE in JAXBDataBinding ? Could CXF
>>> work with other JAXB implemenation ? Thanks.
>>> 2012/8/15 Freeman Fang <>
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Which OSGi container you are using?
>>>> To use CXF in OSGi container, a lot of effort need be done,  jaxb-api
>> and
>>>> jaxb-impl bundle is one of them, but not all. Servicemix wrap lots of
>>>> bundles(spec bundle like jaxb-api need use OSGiLocator stuff)  and karaf
>>>> provide a provisioning mechanism(feature) to is convenient to install
>> CXF,
>>>> so I suggest you use Apache Servicemix or Karaf as the OSGi container,
>>>> which support CXF better.
>>>> Actually Servicemix support CXF OOTB now, and Karaf 2.2.x also support
>> to
>>>> install CXF feature easily,  you just need replace the
>> with
>>>>, both in $KARAF_HOME/etc folder.
>>>> For Karaf 2.3.x and 3.x(which could be released soon), as it endorse new
>>>> spec api jar from Servicemix, so both can support CXF OOTB.
>>>> Freeman
>>>> -------------
>>>> Freeman Fang
>>>> FuseSource
>>>> Web:
>>>> Twitter: freemanfang
>>>> Blog:
>>>> weibo:
>>>> On 2012-8-15, at 下午4:57, Ivan wrote:
>>>>> I am trying to use CXF 2.6.1 in OSGi environment, as jdk 6 does not
>> ship
>>>>> the latest JAXB API and implementation, so deployed a JAXB 2.2 API and
>> a
>>>>> repackaged RI JAXB impl as bundles. While running my application, it
>>>> shows
>>>>> ClassCastException one line 392 of JAXBDataBinding. Think the problem
>> is
>>>>> that, the CXF bundle is wired to the 2.2 API and the codes load the
>>>>> hardcode RI JAXB classes (which should be from JDK).
>>>>> From the code logic, seems that it is used for schema things, so does
>> it
>>>>> mean that CXF always need the RI JAXB impl ? If does, it it possible
>>>>> have a way to configure a RI class name, as I repackaged the RI jaxb
>> impl
>>>>> for some other reasons.
>>>>> Thanks.
>>>>> --
>>>>> Ivan
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>>> Ivan
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> Ivan

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