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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Rename "Simple Frontend" --> "No-Annotation Frontend"?
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2012 20:31:17 GMT
Team, I'd like to rename our Simple Front End
( in
our Confluence docs.

The problem with naming it "simple" is that it (1) falsely implies to
newcomers that JAX-WS is difficult and something nasty to be avoided, and
(2) its "simple" name encourages newcomers to use it.  Further, what might
be simple for the first twenty minutes of development may not actually be
simple for the next six months of maintainance, and on that basis a fair
argument could be made that the JAX-WS frontend is really the "simple" one.

Accordingly, I'd like to rename it the "No-Annotation Frontend" (I'm open to
other ideas), because that's precisely what it is while being neutral about
the other front end options (i.e., it's not good to have a frontend called
"the intelligent frontend" or "the well-designed frontend" as it just makes
the others look bad that way), and it also does not unduly encourage people
to use it over the default JAX-WS front end.  

This will just be a Confluence search and replace (only a few pages).  I'll
keep the "simple"-named Schema as well as the -simple wsdl2java tooling
option (just explaining it's for the no-Annotation front end in the
docs)--while I *could* change those it would raise backward compatibility
headaches for what is increasingly a seldom-used front end, so I don't think
its worth the effort.



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