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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject more flexibility in configuring httpconduit's tlsClientParameters in spring or blueprint?
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 10:59:26 GMT
I haven been wondering about this for a while and I would like to hear
your thoughts.

Concretely, I am wondering if people are happy with the current file
or resource based keystore instantiation provided by the
tlsClientParameters's configuration schema. The current schema does
not allow any bean referencing from within that structure. So, using
the http's spring or blueprint namespace handlers that are based on
this schema, you need to configure this entire structure. This makes
it difficult to use this configuration handler If you have your own
mechanism to get keystores and you can provide it as a bean or
factory-bean reference.

In such cases, one could directly configure the httpConduit and its
tlsClientParameter as beans directly. Unfortunately, this doesn't work
in blueprint because the blueprint bean element does not have the name
attribute that can be used to configure the conduit's matching
pattern.  So, this is not practical. Besides, I think it's pain to
configure beans directly when the specific namespace handlers are

So what are the options? Is this an unusual use case?  If this is not
an unusual use case, should we add the reference attribute in some of
those elements so that these can be optionally configured separately
and referenced?

Your comments are appreciated.


Regards, Aki

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