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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Branch for 2.6.x, trunk thoughts...
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 15:10:26 GMT

With 2.6.1 hopefully going out shortly, I'd like to get peoples thoughts 
about creating a 2.6.x-fixes branch and changing trunk to target 2.7.  Here 
is a list of some things I'd like to start thinking about for 2.7:

1)  Drop support for Java 5 - this may be a bit contentious.  :-)  It would 
simplify the poms a little bit, allow use of @Override, remove some jars 
from the lib dir, etc... The bigger issue is that several of the things we 
test with and depend on are now Java 6+ such as ActiveMQ and gwt and such so 
we've been stuck on older versions.   

2) Async http client - this is been on my "maybe next version of CXF" for 
quite a while.  Since 2.3.x I think.   Maybe I'll actually get to it.   :-)    
Would definitely help with some of the Camel integration scenarios.

3) WS-Discovery - really two parts to this.   Runtime support to broadcast 
availability and discover endpoints is the first part.   Second part MAY be 
a simple WS-Discovery proxy service for /services.   

4) SOAP/UDP - Required for #3.  

5) Possible re-write of the http-jetty transport to base it off the Servlet 
transport or similar so it can take more advantage of things like the 
services list, etc...   Additionally, that may make it easier to create an 
http-tomcat transport (which people DID ask about at CamelOne BTW).

Those are the things *I've* been thinking on and off about.  Obviously the 
other folks around here may have additional things.    I'm sure Colm has 
some security things, Sergey has some REST things, etc....  :-)

So I guess the big question is: anyone OBJECT to creating the 2.6.x-fixes 
branch now?

Daniel Kulp -
Talend Community Coder -

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