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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Branch for 2.6.x, trunk thoughts...
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 11:35:58 GMT
Hi Dan, All,

sorry for a delay

On 08/06/12 20:55, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> Not really much of a discussion, but no objections either.  Thus, I'll go
> ahead and create the branch.  :-)
> Dan
> On Friday, June 01, 2012 11:10:26 AM Daniel Kulp wrote:
>> With 2.6.1 hopefully going out shortly, I'd like to get peoples thoughts
>> about creating a 2.6.x-fixes branch and changing trunk to target 2.7.
>> Here is a list of some things I'd like to start thinking about for 2.7:
>> 1)  Drop support for Java 5 - this may be a bit contentious.  :-)  It
>> would simplify the poms a little bit, allow use of @Override, remove some
>> jars from the lib dir, etc... The bigger issue is that several of the
>> things we test with and depend on are now Java 6+ such as ActiveMQ and
>> gwt and such so we've been stuck on older versions.

>> 2) Async http client - this is been on my "maybe next version of CXF" for
>> quite a while.  Since 2.3.x I think.   Maybe I'll actually get to it.
>> :-) Would definitely help with some of the Camel integration scenarios.
>> 3) WS-Discovery - really two parts to this.   Runtime support to broadcast
>> availability and discover endpoints is the first part.   Second part MAY
>> be a simple WS-Discovery proxy service for /services.
>> 4) SOAP/UDP - Required for #3.
>> 5) Possible re-write of the http-jetty transport to base it off the
>> Servlet transport or similar so it can take more advantage of things like
>> the services list, etc...   Additionally, that may make it easier to
>> create an http-tomcat transport (which people DID ask about at CamelOne
>> BTW).

Hope the JAX-RS frontend will benefit from 2) :-)

>> Those are the things *I've* been thinking on and off about.  Obviously the
>> other folks around here may have additional things.    I'm sure Colm has
>> some security things, Sergey has some REST things, etc....  :-)
There are few new features/improvements I'd like to focus upon in the 
next 6-12 months, apart from starting to work on implementing JAX-RS 2.0:
1. Security related enhancements
- Continue working with Colm and Oli on SAML-based SSO (CXF, Fediz), 
though I did not work with Fediz yet
- OAuth 2.0 and OpendId Connect - at the very least CXF 
AuthorizationService should be able to work with OpenId Connect 
endpoints provided by the third party - this part should be fairly easy 
to implement but there's a lot of new material there so it will take a 
bit of time to test/implement
- OAuth 2.0, Fediz and SAML - we may want to provide an option for Fediz 
to produce SAML pr even JWT assertions as recommended by the relevant 
OAuth profiles

2. 'Connecting' FIQL queries with JPA as proposed by Jeff Wang - I think 
it needs to be prioritized; possible support for the alternative OData 
3. Light weight HTTP RM support - Aki and myself talked briefly about it 
with, I'll post an update shortly - not sure it's for 2.7 though
4. Looks like Web Sockets can become one of the main tools for building 
Web UI. People say they are not RESTful, but users will inevitably 
expect some support for it soon enough. So perhaps we can consider 
introducing an api similar to the Continuations one CXF already has that 
will be usable with Tomcat/Jetty, or at least introduce a Jetty centric 
module - again not sure it's for 2.7 but more investigation is needed

>> So I guess the big question is: anyone OBJECT to creating the 2.6.x-fixes
>> branch now?

The only concern I had about it (it came to me when I was on holidays 
:-)) was where we'd have JAX-RS 2.0 implemented. Postponing it till 2.8 
may not be ideal as introducing 2.8 say early in 2013 will give us 5 
branches (including the trunk) and starting implementing it later in 
2013 will be a bit late.

I think the right thing to do would be to state upfront that CXF 2.7 
will have at least the basic JAX-RS 2.0 support, for example, CXF 2.7.0 
will have the dependencies changed only with the base JAX-RS Response, 
UriBuilder, etc updated. CXF 2.7.1/etc will start introducing more 
support. That should work, we don't have to get all JAX-RS 2.0 
implemented in one go

Does it sound reasonable ?

Cheers, Sergey

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