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From YUL <>
Subject WSN notification service does not utilize activemq's persistence capability?
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2012 18:52:17 GMT
Hi All,

I set up a testing environment to see if WSN Notification service is
utilizing  activemq's persistence capability, and it seems that it's not the
case.  It seems that when the consumer is down, the publishing of the
message will fail.

In my environment, I have three parts: 1) Code to start WSN Notification
service; 2) Code to publish a notification; 3) Code to subscribe to the
notification as well as consuming the messages.

I tried the following sequence:
1) Start the WSN Notification service;
2) Subscribe to the notification service with a topic;
3) Publish a message through the topic;
4) Shutdown the consumer of the message with specified topic;
5) Try to publish a message, but it failed. I got a connection refused

So, it seems that when publishing the message, WSN Notification service
checks to see if the consumer is there or not. If it is not there, the
publishing of the service will be failed. I was wondering why WSN
Notification service is designed this way. Wouldn't it be better if the
notification service can leverage on activemq's persistence capability to
store the message when the flag is turned on, so that when the consumer is
down, the message can be stored temporarily in activemq broker. When the
consumer is up again, the message can be delivered to the consumer without
losing it?  

Thanks very much,


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