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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: jaxrs and minimal bundles for 2.6.0?
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 15:39:30 GMT
Hi Dan
On 28/03/12 16:16, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> Quick question:
> Are the jaxrs and minimal bundles still needed for 2.6.0?   With the new
> little bundles, neither really makes any sense anymore.
> The minimal bundle is far from minimal (it's grown fairly large).   Folks
> needed a more minimal environment are better just grabbing the individual
> bundles of just the things they need.
Definitely +1 to dropping the minimal bundle, it was introduced
originally to minimize DOSGi CXF single bundle distributions but it
won't be needed when DOSGi CXF gets updated to CXF 2.6.0
> Likewise, the jaxrs bundle is likely better served with the smaller bundles.

It does not give us much now in Karaf with its features easily pulling
in various smaller bundles together but dropping it might make it more
difficult for some users to migrate to CXF 2.6.0 in cases they depend
upon it for the apps deployed into non-Karaf based OSGI containers (I
expect some users do it).

> The "all" bundle does have use outside of OSGi since that is the main jar we
> stick in lib.   I'm just wondering if it make sense to keep maintaining the
> other two.

I guess I'd not mind to keep the cxf jaxrs in the 2.6.x main branch if
possible till 2.7 for example. But I recognize it is mostly redundant.
I'll try to play with some of the demos and migrate them to depending
on smaller bundles, if it simply a matter of updating the maven deps
then it would be easy to migrate :-)

Cheers, Sergey

> Thoughts?

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