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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: WS-Policy Article:
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 20:38:10 GMT
Andrei, the CXF Wiki is not a good place for "articles" -- that information
you wish to impart to the community should either go to an external blog
with a reference on our Resources page or incorporated within the CXF User's
Guide, where everyone can update it and we don't have to maintain duplicate
information in multiple places.  If you have anecdotal information not
really fitting for a User's Guide, external blog entries are best.

If everyone placed his own articles separate from the User's Guide on the
CXF wiki, I fear we'd eventually have dozens of obsolete and duplicative
articles as one-time authors write something and forget about it afterwards
as they move on to other things, and others become reluctant to update what
is identified as somebody else's work.

I pulled out your links from the External Resources page

Non-external CXF wiki pages should instead be linked to within the CXF
User's Guide directly or listed in the User's Guide Table of Contents (as an
intermediate step before directly incorporating the article into the guide.) 
Also, note nothing on the Wiki is owned by anybody but the whole team, and
anyone can update any page.  The moment you claim or imply
ownership/authorship of a page as you had on the Resource page--i.e., this
page is my work, only I should be updating it, or if the article is written
in the first person, etc.--off to an external blog it needs to go, with a
link on the CXF resources page instead.  


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