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From Seumas Soltysik <>
Subject Re: Response SOAP Headers with Provider implementation
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 18:35:49 GMT
After examining existing CXF testcases in the debugger, it appears that the
processing of SOAP header elements and SOAP body elements in interceptors
such as SoapOutInterceptor and the BareOutInterceptor depend on these
elements being available in the MessageContentsList contained in the Message
object. Both these interceptors match message part metadata with elements in
the MessageContentsList and then writes out the data.

However, when a Provider implementation is used in MESSAGE mode, the
MessageModeOutInterceptor takes all the elements in the SOAP body and
associates them with a single document fragment which is then placed into
the MessageContentsList. If the service as defined by the WSDL defines a
response with multiple parts then this throws the processing of the SOAP
body out of synch as interceptors such as the BareOutInterceptor try to
match parts with elements in the MessageContentsList.

In addition, the MessageModeOutInterceptor does not process the SOAP headers
elements at all and therefore these elements are not placed in the
MessageContentsList. As a result, when SOAP header elements are processed in
the SoapOutInterceptor using part metadata, under certain conditions the
SOAP body document fragment put into the MessageContentList is treated as a
SOAP header and written out to the SOAP header element.

None of this is caught as an issue by the runtime because the matching of
message parts with elements in the MessageContentsList is all done based
upon an index value in the message parts and not by matching meta data
information in the parts with information in the contents of the

I am looking for validation of my explanation as well as an explanation
regarding why the MessageModeOutInterceptor handles the SOAP message in this

Seumas Soltysik

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