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From "xuhb" <>
Subject Re: Could CXF Interceptor export a internal interface to change Id?
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2012 07:25:55 GMT
etc: Could CXF declare AbstractPhaseInterceptor.getId()   as not final?
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From: "xuhb" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2012 2:46 PM
Subject: Could CXF Interceptor export a internal interface to change Id?

> Hi:
>    I am extending some interceptors which will provide extending functions and they will
replace some built-in interceptors of CXF.
>   for example: I have wrote a ExtDocLiteralInInterceptor which will replace the build
in DocLiteralInInterceptor, but providing some operation uncheck features; (Use in Camel-CXF,
which enable PayLoad model will works even when the XML in soap is not same as WSDL's declaration)
>   The extended interceptor will also inherite the CXF build-in interceptor's ability;
But I found I cannot wrote my interceptor which just inherit CXF's build-in interceptor as
>   Etc:
>        ExtDocLiteralInInterceptor extends DocLiteralInInterceptor{
>            public ExtDocLiteralInInterceptor (){
>                super();
>                .....
>            }
>        }
> Because if so, the ExtDocLiteralInInterceptor 's id isn't same as  DocLiteralInInterceptor;

> At starting up time, if I replace the built-in DocLiteralInInterceptor with ExtDocLiteralInInterceptor
, then the sort of other interceptors in PhaseChain will not correct, because they may repy
on the original  interceptor's id;
> Now I could only copy the DocLiteralIntercept's initialize code in the extended interceptor,
and wrap the original DocLiteralInterceptor for reuse; But  if CXF fixed some issume which
changed the DocLiteralInInterceptor's constructor's code which I am not  aware, bugs will
> So I am wondering if CXF could expose a interal interface which enable us to change the
id of interceptor?
> Etc:
>        ExtDocLiteralInInterceptor extends AbstractInDatabindingInterceptor{
>            public ExtDocLiteralInInterceptor (){
>                 //these is copyed from DocLiteralInInterceptor; but id still keep same
to DocLiteralInInterceptor
>                //but this's not safely, when CXF changed the AbstractInDatabindingInterceptor's
constructor for some reason which we are aware;
>                 super(DocLiteralInInterceptor.class.getName(), Phase.UNMARSHAL);
>                 addAfter(URIMappingInterceptor.class.getName());
>                 addBefore(WrappedInInterceptor.class.getName());
>                 docLiteralInterceptor = new DocLiteralInInterceptor();
>            }
>           public void handleMessage(Message msg){
>                ...
>                docLiteralInterceptor .handleMessage(msg);
>                ...
>            }
>        }
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