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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject split-packages, osgi bundles, etc.....
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 22:19:55 GMT

I just committed some changes that change the features.xml on trunk to use the 
modularized bundles instead of the big bundle.   It's definitely not complete 
yet, but consider it a starting point to attempt some testing.    :-)

Right now, I know I have a few issue to resolve:

1) API loading CXFBusFactory - the call to BusFactory.getDefaultBus or 
createBus or anything requires API to load a class from rt-core.   I'm 
currently using a dynamic import for this, but that sucks.   I need to add an 
activator to API to find the implementations.  This really just affects people 
using pure API applications or JAX-WS API applications (like wsn).   Folks 
using SpringDM or Blueprint aren't affected by this.

2) Applications that use "Require-Bundle" for the old bundle.   I create a 
"compatbilitiy" bundle of the same name that re-exports stuff from 
core/api/http that works for a couple of Talend's test cases.   I definitely 
need to flush this out more.   HOWEVER, applications that import more than 
just META-INF/cxf/cxf.xml will have issues as that's the only thing we can 
really export.   That said, ALL the other cxf/cxf-extendion-*.xml files have 
been deprecated for 2 releases and have spit warnings out in the logs.   
People should have removed them already.

3) In a couple of my tests, I'm getting warnings in logs about schemas not 
being available.   With the big bundle, we have all the schemas in /schemas so 
we can easily pull them in for resolving things like ws-addressing and such.   
I need to figure out exactly what the issue is with the missing schemas and 
figure out the best solutions for them.   More investigation needed.

4) Testing - I've really just run 2 of the Talend examples with it so far and 
started up the wsn service.   Very minimal.    Definitely a lot more work to 
do here.

5)   Dependency checking - I updated the features.xml with a bunch of new 
features.   However, I haven't gone through all the jars to see if all the 
imports resolve or not and then decide which we should resolve.  For example, 
I know aegis databinding jar's dependency on jdom doesn't resolve, but I'm not 
sure if we should by default resolve that or not since it is completely 
optional.   JAXRS has a few of these as well (like abdera).

Anyway, it's progressing.    :-)

Daniel Kulp -
Talend Community Coder -

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