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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Activators for individual frontends
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2011 10:35:07 GMT
Hi KL, All,

On 16/12/11 22:34, K Fung wrote:

>> In 2.5.2 on later we can think of introducing an activator into the jaxrs
> frontend so that it can discover custom Applications and providers
> registered as OSGI services
> Perhaps we should have a discussion on a separate thread to discuss how you
> envision seeing this? In particular, I'm wondering what's the
> baseline/environment you think this would be running. For example, right
> now there is no activator in the CXF JAX-RS bundle but what are the
> consequence of an activator in 2.5.2+ - can it be disabled? Do we rely on
> the OSGI HttpService or do we use a built-in Jetty? Can we support both?
> I guess you can see that I'm pretty interested in this topic :-)

I was thinking earlier on that CXF can get a master/root activator which 
will provide BundleContext, etc to individual activators which say JAXWS 
and JAXRS frontends may offer; I think these activators will not act as 
independent activators on its own, they will simply be able to react to 
the information (BundleContext for ex) that the actual root activator 
may offer.
For example, in case of JAX-RS, this sub-activator will probably 
register ServiceTrackers and start listening for (JAX-RS) Application 
interfaces and then will create an endpoint by using HttpService or 
embedded Jetty, something like that

What do you think ?

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