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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject Jaxws's provider's null response behavior
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2011 17:09:03 GMT
as I briefly mentioned this in today's IRC, I created a ticket
CXF-3926 to fix or improve the current behavior.

jaxws 2.2 section 5.1.1 states:
"When an invoke method returns null, it is considered that no response
needs to be sent by service."

CXF currently does not support this dynamic behavior but relies on the
exchange's MEP information (req-resp or oneway) to decide whether to
send no response. And the problem is that CXF is throwing an exception
when a null is returned while the MEP is not set as oneway, as it
tries to serialize the null object in its response/outbound

I am intending to introduce this dynamic behavior by slightly
modifying JAXWSMethodInvoker's invoke method to switch to oneway in
this case and set the correct response code. In addition, I am
providing a new runtime property for jaxws to enable or disable this

Please let me know if you have objections or alternative approaches.

regards, aki

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