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From Dennis Sosnoski <>
Subject Re: WS-MakeConnection operation structuring
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2011 10:12:54 GMT
Hi Aki,

Yes, the response should be something the client is expecting - but the 
problem is that that response is not part of the MakeConnect operation 

Like WS-RM and many other WS-* technologies, WS-MakeConnection defines a 
service that resides at the same endpoint address as a user service. In 
the WS-RM code, this situation is handled by defining the added service 
using the same constructs as a normal CXF service - a ServiceInfo, an 
InterfaceInfo linked to the ServiceInfo, an OperationInfo for each 
operation, and MessageInfo and MessagePartInfo for each message. But for 
WS-MakeConnection I don't think I can use this construct because there's 
no set definition for the response message - even the response element 
name is different, since it's just whatever message needs to be 
returned. If I try creating a definition without setting a response, it 
gets handled as a one-way operation and the response message I set in 
the MakeConnection request processing is ignored.

But I suspect that just substituting the message I've previously queued 
up for the response is not even the correct approach, anyway. I need to 
instead somehow take over the back channel from the request and use that 
for sending the saved message, implementing all the processing that 
should be done as per the message's interceptor chain (including 
security processing). I've been trying to figure out how to do that, but 
I'm pretty much lost.

Dan, can you offer any suggestions on this?


   - Dennis

On 11/17/2011 12:34 PM, Aki Yoshida wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> The response to the MakeConnection request may be arbitrary, but the
> client that wants to initiate a particular MakeConnection request
> might know what response to expect?
> I haven't thought about it and maybe I am missing the details.
> Regards, aki
> 2011/11/16 Dennis Sosnoski<>:
>> I'm having trouble implementing the WS-MakeConnection MakeConnection
>> operation, and I'm hoping somebody can give me some pointers. The problem is
>> that even though this looks like a SOAP operation, it really is not - the
>> response can be anything that's waiting for the endpoint, with no predefined
>> element or schema type. If I configure this using
>> Service/ServiceInfo/OperationInfo/etc., as we do for other WS-* protocol
>> endpoints, it looks like I have to make it a oneway operation (since the
>> response can be anything) - but if I then set a response message, it'll be
>> ignored.
>> What I want to do is to pop a message off an internal queue for the address
>> and make that the response. Any pointers on how I can make this happen?
>> Thanks,
>>   - Dennis

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