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From Johan Edstrom <>
Subject Re: Status of 2.5.0 release.....
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2011 16:41:20 GMT
I'd like to see this going out - since JBI isn't part of the release anymore
the SMX trains would need some work anyways, right?

If the 2.4.4 release is "waiting" on smx, what is the problem with picking up  2.5.1/2.5.2
- why hold up 2.5.0?


On Oct 28, 2011, at 10:02 AM, Daniel Kulp wrote:

> Just wanted to follow up with a bit more of an explanation and reasoning.
> Over the last couple months, I've really discovered that updating the OSGi 
> deps in CXF is very risky.   For regular dependencies, the CXF test suite does 
> a very good job of pounding on things to make sure the new versions of the 
> dependencies actually work well and don't break things.    However, to say the 
> OSGi testing in CXF is "lacking" is actually an overstatement.   It's non-
> existent.     We don't have a single OSGi based test in CXF.
> Due to all the new OSGi features and such in 2.5, I don't want to update the 
> OSGi deps and do a release without being able to run several full OSGi based 
> suites on it.  That would include the Camel OSGi things, but would also 
> include all the stuff we've built up in Talend and I'd hope the Fuse guys 
> would do the same.     Since I'm going to be spending next week preparing 
> presentations for ApacheCon and the following week at ApacheCon, it doesn't 
> seem like this would be a 2-3 day delay.  It's more like 2-3 weeks.   Thus, 
> I'd greatly prefer to get the "known good" stuff out now, then follow up with 
> 2.5.1 when we have the time to really test that.  There is enough "new stuff" 
> in 2.5.0 that provides risk factors.  Lets limit this one if we don't have to.
> Since ServiceMix is not looking to use 2.5.0, it's less critical to have these 
> specific bundles in 2.5.0 for them. 
> Dan
> On Friday, October 28, 2011 10:56:15 AM Daniel Kulp wrote:
>> On Friday, October 28, 2011 9:13:41 AM Freeman Fang wrote:
>>> Many thanks Dan.
>>> FYI, Gert will do a servicemix spec 1.9.0  and bundles  release
>>> tomorrow,  how about you hold CXF release for another 3 or 4 days so
>>> that
>>> CXF features.xml also use servicemix spec 1.9.0 and new saaj-
>>> impl-1.3.9 which has the fix for JDK5?
>> For 2.4.4, sure.  I have no problem waiting a bit longer for that one.  
>> Since I'm really just doing that one for SMX, I'm definitely OK with
>> deferring that until they have all the pieces in place to help make them
>> successful.  I won't do this one today.   Not a problem.   Saves me some
>> time today.  :-)
>> For 2.5.0, no.   I (and the team at Talend) have done a TON of testing in
>> OSGi using the current bundle set.   We've spent the last month identifying
>> issues, figuring out the intricacies of getting it all working together,
>> etc...   I'd much rather get the current known working stuff out there and
>> then go back and retest with the new sets and do a 2.5.1.   I have
>> absolutely no problem doing a 2.5.1 in a few weeks with this and any other
>> fixes.   But we've held up the release long enough, IMO, and I want to get
>> it out there.   I was hoping to get it out several weeks ago.   Already way
>> behind what I had hoped for. Release sooner.  Release often.   :-)
>> Dan
>>> Regards
>>> Freeman
>>> On 2011-10-28, at 上午4:23, Daniel Kulp wrote:
>>>> Just a reminder that I plan on doing the 2.4.4 and 2.5.0 releases
>>>> tomorrow.
>>>> :-)
>>>> Dan
>>>> On Monday, October 24, 2011 4:50:16 PM Daniel Kulp wrote:
>>>>> Early this month, we talked about getting 2.5.0 out this month.
>>>>> Since
>>>>> then, we've made fairly good progress.  The WS-Notification stuff
>>>>> is in
>>>>> (and I just created a simple sample showing it).   The STS is in.
>>>>> WS-MEX
>>>>> is in.   A ton of OSGi testing and enhancements have gone in.   I
>>>>> really
>>>>> think things are "very close".
>>>>> I currently have one issue that I'd like to fix, but it's really a
>>>>> "nice to
>>>>> have" and I wouldn't block on it.   Basically, the saaj-impl Karaf
>>>>> feature
>>>>> doesn't work on Java 5.   That requires a new release of the
>>>>> bundle
>>>>> from
>>>>> SMX. I was hoping to chat with JB about that today, but haven't
>>>>> been able
>>>>> to get a hold of him.   In any case, not something I'd mark
>>>>> critical for
>>>>> 2.5 since the 2.4.x Karaf descriptors haven't been installable on
>>>>> Java 5
>>>>> for quite some time and no-one really noticed.    :-)
>>>>> Thus, I'm thinking about doing the 2.5.0 release later this week.
>>>>> If
>>>>> anyone has any other things they are working on and can get done
>>>>> by
>>>>> then,
>>>>> please speak up.    Also, any testing, doc updates, etc... are
>>>>> more
>>>>> than
>>>>> appreciated.
>>>>> Also, I'll likely do a 2.4.4 release at the same time.   There is
>>>>> a
>>>>> bug in
>>>>> 2.4.3 that prevents the osgi http transport and the JMX management
>>>>> from
>>>>> working with Felix.   Since SMX uses Felix by default, it's
>>>>> definitely an
>>>>> issue for them.
>>>>> Is everyone in agreement with that plan?   Any other thoughts or
>>>>> questions
>>>>> or concerns?   Keep in mind, there is always 2.5.1.   :-)
>>>>> Thanks!
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