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From K Fung <>
Subject How to contribue a CXF JAX-RS OSGi Sample?
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2011 18:51:35 GMT
Hi everyone,

(long time lurker here ... thought it was about them we started to
contribute something back)

As everyone who's played with CXF JAX-RS and OSGI knows, it's not too
easy to get CXF and OSGI to co-operate outside of the Apache
ServiceMix bundle/example.

I've been sitting on a CXF JAX-RS OSGI example for the last few months
that illustrates the minimal dependencies needed for CXF JAX-RS OSGI
to work correctly but I don't know what's the best way to distribute

As it's a combination of both CXF JAX-RS code and ServiceMix code,
it's in the middle ground where it neither fits with ServiceMix nor
CXF perfectly. So I'm looking for feedback about where you think this
sample would fit best?

Some thoughts I had...

1) As an example in the CXF distribution
2) As an entry in the CXF wiki (
3) As just a blog entry somewhere in the world wide web where it may
be referenced

Do any of you have any thoughts? Would it even be welcomed in the CXF trunk?


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