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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Status of 2.5.0 release.....
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2011 20:50:16 GMT

Early this month, we talked about getting 2.5.0 out this month.   Since then, 
we've made fairly good progress.  The WS-Notification stuff is in (and I just 
created a simple sample showing it).   The STS is in.   WS-MEX is in.   A ton 
of OSGi testing and enhancements have gone in.   I really think things are 
"very close".

I currently have one issue that I'd like to fix, but it's really a "nice to 
have" and I wouldn't block on it.   Basically, the saaj-impl Karaf feature 
doesn't work on Java 5.   That requires a new release of the bundle from SMX.  
I was hoping to chat with JB about that today, but haven't been able to get a 
hold of him.   In any case, not something I'd mark critical for 2.5 since the 
2.4.x Karaf descriptors haven't been installable on Java 5 for quite some time 
and no-one really noticed.    :-)

Thus, I'm thinking about doing the 2.5.0 release later this week.   If anyone 
has any other things they are working on and can get done by then, please 
speak up.    Also, any testing, doc updates, etc... are more than appreciated.

Also, I'll likely do a 2.4.4 release at the same time.   There is a bug in 
2.4.3 that prevents the osgi http transport and the JMX management from 
working with Felix.   Since SMX uses Felix by default, it's definitely an 
issue for them.

Is everyone in agreement with that plan?   Any other thoughts or questions or 
concerns?   Keep in mind, there is always 2.5.1.   :-)


Daniel Kulp
Talend -

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