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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Async http requests and workqueue....
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2011 01:31:30 GMT

I have a question for folks to see what folks would think is the "best 
option".    Basically, if you use one of the JAX-WS async methods on a client 
when talking to an HTTP service, we have to put a runnable on the workqueue to 
handle the response.   The question is, what should we do if the workqueue is 
full?  Could options:

1) (current behavior) Throw the RejectedExecutionException so the user knows 
they are exceeding defaults and likely should reconfigure things.

2) Loop in a Thread.yield and retry putting it on the queue until successfull. 

3) Run the runnable synchronously on the calling thread. 

Likely 2 and 3 would both log a WARNING to let the user know to reconfigure.

Obviously, the best solution would be to finish the work I did to use the 
apache http-client instead of the HttpURLConnection, but lets not go there 
right now.  :-)

Anyway, thoughts?

Daniel Kulp
Talend -

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